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Social Media Management
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Google Ads (PPC, Search, Display, and Video Certified)
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Increase in Enclave and Key's inbound leads after our logo and website redesign.

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BOLT has helped agencies such as Scout Social, Enclave and Key, and Wave Commerce fulfill their business goals. Working as an in-house agency, we'll fill in the gaps where your team needs us most.

Bolt helps larger agencies operate more efficiently and cost-effectively by taking on less-important project at a fraction of the cost. Previously, we have worked on projects with agencies such as Wave Commerce (Amazon Marketing) and Offbeat Media Group (Social Media Advertising).



Bolt empowers everyday business to succeed digitally with ease. Using our personalized digital marketing strategies, our clients have been able to raise money for charity, garner extra seed investments, and increase their inbound lead generation for their service and product offerings.



Bolt helps solopreneurs elevate their hustle by giving them digital marketing strategies specifically designed to boost their personal brand. Notably, we've helped Charlie Bolling (PGA Tour Professional) sell golf instruction online with an advanced website and a paid social media campaign.

When you don't have time, you have Bolt.

The only way to be successful in digital marketing is to plan and to adapt. When you don't have time, you have Bolt. We follow a proven 5-step system to help you achieve your key metrics: set goals, strategize, execute, adapt, and review.

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