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We are
Bolt Social

We build websites that electrify brands.

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We dial up the energy for businesses on the brink of excellence

Bolt Social provides premium digital services to businesses who have been killing it for a while and are ready to take the big stage. If you're a business owner looking for your big break, then we're the agency for you.

Your web design agency shouldn't look like it needs to hire a web design agency...

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your last web design agency. We want to be the final step between your vision and your destination. Bolt is the step in the GPS directions that says "turn right into the parking lot of your destination," but for websites.

We're fed up with the amount of great businesses that got bad websites from ugly web design "agencies." Your "agency" shouldn't need an agency. We're committed to delivering amazing results so efficiently that we'll be able to help thousands of businesses purchase their last website.

Here's what we can do:

Our Web Design Process

Has your website been on the to-do list for >6 months?

Most of our clients websites were too. Usually, they know it needs to be refreshed, but they:

  • Got busy with life outside the business and couldn't find the right company to build it

  • Didn't know how to build it on their own and didn't want to try

  • Weren't sure if it was better to upgrade now or to wait for next year

  • Didn't trust that the person they hired would make something better than they already have

  • All of the above

Then we came in, and helped them finally cross that line item off the list. We employ a greater attention to detail than other "agencies" so that our clients can feel confident trusting us with their website.

Our signature process ensures that you'll only receive work that you're satisfied with, so this website will always be your last website.

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Businesses Helped Since 2020



Revenue Generated By Bolt Social Digital Projects

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Months Since Starting The Business

“We finally launched the website and sales, and it has been a huge success! Everyone LOVES the website. We've had so many compliments.”

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