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Programmatic Advertising

We make programmatic advertising and 3rd-party data available at scale to small and medium sized businesses.

Here's What You Can Expect

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Grocery Store: Awareness Goal

Scenario: A grocer wanted to drive awareness for their stores by advertising weekly sales by targeting food and coupon shoppers that live near each of their locations. 1 year timeframe.

Results: Our team geo-targeted 5 miles around each store and delivered display ads to an audience who regularly used coupons to shop for groceries in order to influence views and clicks.

The campaign tracked 14,125 store visits influenced by the 9,763 coupon clicks so each click resulted in 1.45 store visits with an average purchase of $40. The estimated return was the conversion value x 1.45.​

💵 $30,000 Monthly Budget

🛒 $40 Conversion Value

🎯 9,763 Coupon Clicks/Month

​📈 $565,000 Estimated Return

HVAC Contractor: Calls Goal

Scenario: An HVAC contractor want to get more qualified calls from homeowners who needed A/C repair or were in market to purchase a new A/C unit. 1 year timeframe.

Results: Our team identified homeowners by the type of HVAC unit they owned and then presented display and search ads to influence an appointment as an phone call.

On average there were 48 calls per month where 33% were qualified for a service call. An average service call is worth $420. The estimated return was based off taking 33% of the calls x conversion value. HVAC unit sales not factored.

💵 $1,875 Monthly Budget

🛒 $420 Conversion Value

🎯 48 Phone Calls/Month

​📈 $6,720 Estimated Return

Personal Injury Law Firm: Conversions Goal

Scenario: A personal injury attorney wanted to get more qualified leads with either phone calls or online form fills to schedule a consultation. 1 year timeframe.

Results: Our team identified physical behaviors defined by the users’ mobile devices to infer that a person may have been injured and then presented display and search ads to influence an appointment as an online conversion.

On average there were 160 leads per month where 4% of those turned into court cases making it an average of 6-7 cases per month. The average fees collected by these cases is $8,000 per court case.

💵 $2,100 Monthly Budget

🛒 $8,000 Conversion Value

🎯 7 Conversions/Month

​📈 $56,000 Estimated Return

Car Dealership: Visits Goal

Scenario: An auto dealer wanted to get more people visiting their dealership who were in market for the specific make and models of vehicles they sold. 3 month timeframe.

Results: Our team identified people who live near the dealership and were in market for the make of the vehicles sold. This audience was remarketed to with display and search to influence visits.

The average net revenue off a vehicle sold was $2,400. Roughly 25% of visits resulted in a sale. The estimated return was based off taking 25% of the visits x conversion value.

💵 $1,875 Monthly Budget

🛒 $2,400 Conversion Value

🎯 75 Visits/Month

​📈 $45,000 Estimated Return

Our Data Sources

Our Capabilities

👨‍🔬 We Use a DSP to Facilitate the Process of Buying Ads and a DMP to Engage Third-Party User Data to Strengthen Targeting

🎯 Programmatic Display Ads on 1,000s of Websites

🗺 Highly-Targeted Unique Audience Personas Based on 40+ 3rd-Party Data Aggregators

📺 Can Buy Placements on Streaming TVs, Pre-Roll Videos, Display/Banners, and Social Media Platforms

Choose Bolt For Your Next Programmatic Advertising Project

Highly-Specific Custom Audiences

DMPs (data management platforms) allow us to keep using highly-specific audience targeting in digital marketing post iOS 14.5+.


Pinpoint Geo-Analytics

We track device coordinates down to which side of the street they're on, allowing us to log campaign performance extremely accurately.


Appear Everywhere Your Customers Are

DSPs (demand side platforms) allow us to automatically buy ads wherever your target audience spends time.


We Believe In Our Clients

75% of our business comes from repeat clients. We exclusively partner with clients we believe will grow with us for years to come.


Call Tracking Included

When phone calls are the objective, we include a complimentary, powerful call-tracking dashboard.


Affordable Plans For SMBs

Our strategic partnerships allow us to be one of the first agencies to bring programmatic advertising to the SMB-level.


Are you ready to join a rapidly-growing list of success stories?

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