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Social Media Marketing

We are proud to be one of the most creative agencies in the SMMA space, backed by years of experience in social.

Here's What You Can Expect

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Testimonial: Offbeat Media Group

“Jacob was amazing to work with! Creative mind helping us with many different social activations! We look forward to working with Jacob again!”

✅ 17.5M+ Impressions Delivered

✅ Creatives For Fortune 500 Corps.

✅ 7M+ Followers Managed Across 6 Accounts on 3 Social Networks

Offbeat Mockup.png

Bailey Grady
Co-Founder/COO, Offbeat Media Group

Testimonial: Nooks Organic

"Our video looked great! The idea, to partner with a local personal trainer and offer free sessions with every order, was very creative as well."

✅ Unique Offer Created

✅ Professional Video Shoot

✅ Editing, Captions, and Animations

Nooks Organic Mockup.png

Nick Pace
Owner, Nooks Organic

Our Platforms

Our Capabilities

📃 Complete Facebook and TikTok Business Manager Setup (Pixel Installation, Conversion Events, Custom Audiences)

🔎 Omni-Channel Retargeting Campaigns

🍴 Yelp Ads for Local Businesses

💼 LinkedIn Ads For B2B Businesses

🔻 Marketing Funnel Setup and Integration

​🎤 Content Creator Sourcing For TikTok/Reels Videos

📅 Organic Social Media Management (Content Calendars, Engagement, Comment/DM Replies, Story/Posts, Templates)

​🎭 Social Media Accounts Audit

Choose Bolt For Your Next
Social Media Marketing Project

Omni-Channel Advertising

With Bolt, you will be able to diversify your marketing mix and avoid becoming too depedent on one advertising platform for sales/leads.


We Believe In Our Clients

75% of our business comes from repeat clients. We exclusively partner with clients we believe will grow with us for years to come.


Marketing Funnel Creation

Don't have a lead-gathering funnel built out yet? We'll build one! We can create simple and complex funnels for your business' digital ads.


No Set-Up Fees For Advertising Pixels

We are one of the only agencies to include campaign set up and pixel installation free-of-charge in our management cost.


7M+ Followers Managed

Since 2018, Bolt has managed seven accounts across three platforms with a collective 7M+ followers.


No Long-Term Commitments

We only want to work on mutually-beneficial campaigns. If our results are not as strong as you'd hoped, you can cancel at any time.


Are you ready to join a rapidly-growing list of success stories?

What are you waiting for?

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