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Web Development

Our unique approach to developing websites ensures excellent results with no compromise on creativity.

Here's What You Can Expect

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Testimonial: Enclave and Key

“The site looks unreal thanks to BOLT! A key piece of the foundation and I couldn't be happier with it - THANK YOU.”

✅ 174% More Inbound Leads YoY

✅ Complete Luxury Rebrand

✅ Massive Increase in Avg. Client Size

Enclave and Key.png
Blake Wynn Cropped.png

Blake Wynn
Chief Executive Officer, Enclave and Key

Testimonial: All The Bitter

“We finally launched the website and sales, and it has been a huge success! Everyone LOVES the website. We've had so many compliments.”

✅ #1 Ranking NA Cocktail Bitters

✅ 5-Figure Monthly Revenue

✅ Sold Out Inventory On Launch

All The Bitter Website Mockup.png
Ian Blessing_edited.jpg

Ian Blessing
Founder, All The Bitter

Our Platforms

Our Capabilities

🛒 E-Commerce Sites in Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

🏆 Top 5% Wix Partner Agency

🎯 Landing Pages in Unbounce, ClickFunnels, InstaPage, etc.

🤝 Integrations With All Web Apps, CRMs, and Page Builders

🔍 Optimized For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

🏢 Simple Websites Sites For Small Businesses and Start-Ups

🌆 Custom Websites For Multi-Location/Enterprise Businesses

📅 Fast 4 Week Turnaround On Bespoke Website Projects*

Choose Bolt For Your Next Web Development Project

Designs You Can Trust

We build every website 100% from scratch. Your site will feel truly unique, not like a website made with themes, templates, or page builders.


We Believe In Our Clients

75% of our business comes from repeat clients. We exclusively partner with clients we believe will grow with us for years to come.


Looks + Functionality

We prioritize both aesthetics and functions when building your website. Every website we deliver is something we can be proud of.


Retainer-Free Business Model

Your website is YOURS. Our model does not rely on inflated monthly payments for hosting, maintenance, or site monitoring.


Sites Tailored To Your Business

Our websites are built to your preferences. Consider us your digital tailor. We'll customize any platform to fit your needs.


Only Pay For What You Want

You only pay for each stage of work and are free to back out and look elsewhere at any time (100% have chosen to stay so far though).


  • What platforms do you work in? Have you ever heard of _____?
    Our team has extensive experience building websites since 2011. We’ve built sites in WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, SquareSpace, Webflow, GoDaddy, Duda, BigCommerce, and even self-hosted sites with HTML, CSS, and JS. We’ve used every page builder under the sun, including Elementor, Divi, WP Bakery, Shogun, Page Builder, and more. We can confidently handle any platform you throw at us, and if we can’t, we’ll tell you right away.
  • How long will it take to build my website? Does every site take 4 weeks?
    The short answer is: it depends. Smaller sites can be built in as little as little as one week, and larger sites can sometimes take six to eight with all the materials that need to be gathered and revisions that need to be approved by multiple team members. On average, our sites take four weeks from start to finish with the storyboard meeting, the wireframe, mockup, development, and revision rounds.
  • I just want a site redesign, that can’t be too expensive, right?
    In our experience, most site “redesigns” have actually been more time-consuming than fresh sites because we have to find a creative solution in a tightly-constrained box rather than having full creative control in starting fresh. Most of the time, we end up spending just as much time, if not more, creating a new look for your site that looks like an upgrade on what was already there. For this reason, there is no price difference between redesigned sites and new websites.
  • I saw a guy on Fiverr that said he can do a site for $500. Why are yours more?
    Okay. Most of our clients usually hired someone there on the first go around. Then, when they outgrew that, they might have invested a bit more to work with a local web developer. Most of the time, they get ripped off by both. The cheap Fiverr site is usually a cookiecutter WordPress or Shopify theme where all the person did is change images and rewrite copy. There’s no brand at this stage, just a “website.” The local developer usually makes something a little bit better. They’ll improve the functionality of your site and help you set up your first real sales funnel. Where these designers usually lack though is the design. That’s where our business comes in. If you want a site that looks great AND helps you book more appointments, sell more products, raise more money, etc. then you should work with us. If you’re willing to make an investment in your business’ long-term growth, then we are the right agency for you. A cheap website is like a cheap shirt; after a year or two, you need a new one. We want to build the last website you’ll ever need.
  • How come you don’t offer unlimited revision rounds?
    Because we don’t use a monthly retainer model, it is not financially sensible for us to offer more than two. Many agencies are able to offer unlimited revisions because they charge you $50-200 per month to “maintain” your website. They bank on the fact that whatever revisions you want to make won’t take them too long, and they’ll profit that $200 every month forever. Our websites are built with your bottom line in mind; you’ll only pay a small monthly fee to WordPress, Wix, Shopify, or wherever your site is hosted (you would have to pay that anyways). We only do per diem website work, and what we’ve found is two revision rounds is the perfect amount that catches 99.99% of issues without taking too much time.
  • Can you explain “only pay for what you want?”
    Our websites are built in two stages: design and development. The design stage includes a wireframe and a high-fidelity color mockup, both built in Adobe XD. The development stage is when we take the high-fidelity mockup and develop it into your real website. You pay for the stage 100% upfront and are allowed to walk away at any time if you’d like (although, we haven’t had that happen yet). For example, you could pay for the wireframe and mockup and then go hire someone else if you don’t want us to develop it. If, for some reason, our relationship isn’t as strong as you hoped it would be, you’re free to cancel before the development stage and only pay for what you wanted: the mockup. Essentially, you’re paying to see the next step. If you like the examples on our website and feel satisfied with our team after an intro call, then you can pay for a wireframe and mockup. If you like the mockup you received and want your website to look like that, then you can pay for us to develop it. This model ensures both parties are always satisfied with what they receive. Here's an animation of each stage of the process: wireframe, mockup, and development.
  • What do your websites cost?
    Every project is different and we can’t give out an honest quote without knowing more about what you’re looking for. If you’d like a better answer, click here to book an intro call!

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