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Branding • Content Creation • Digital Advertising • Social Media Strategy
New York, NY

Client Profile

Campus Protein is an online supplement store created by college students for college students. Founded in 2010, the startup has received over $1M in funding in various rounds. Campus Protein also has its own growing line of FUEL supplements, which have been wildly successful. They are located in New York, NY.



Campus Protein needed an entire social media revamp, but did not have the expertise to do so. We provided the company with professional product photography for their website and Amazon listings, create vibrant social media graphics, build Facebook ads, and design new apparel.

Professional Product Photography

Vibrant Graphic Design



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Objective: Create beautiful product images and creative Facebook/Instagram ads to sell products from their website.


  1. Model industry leaders

  2. Borrow innovative strategies from non-industry leaders


We helped rebrand FUEL as an industry-leading pre-workout, compared to Cellucor's C4. This led to an increase in sales, which led Campus Protein to develop more flavors and product line expansions.

Professional-grade images for social media and web

Creatives for social media ad campaigns

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