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Product Photography • Graphic Design •  Apparel Design • Creatives Consultation
New York, NY

Client Profile

Campus Protein is an online supplement store created by college students for college students. Founded in 2010, the startup has received over $1M in funding in various rounds. Campus Protein also has its own growing line of FUEL supplements, which have been wildly successful. They are located in New York, NY.

Client Profile

Overview of Services Provided

Campus Protein was looking for someone to help boost their online sales of FUEL, sell more of their package deals, and expand their product line with creative t-shirts to include in big orders.

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Product Photography

Objective: Position FUEL as a competitor to the industry leader, Cellucor's C4 pre-workout.


  1. Studio photography

  2. Street photography

  3. Digital Composites

  4. Take inspiration from non-supplement brands


  1. 23.5% increase in FUEL Pre-Workout sales in the quarter following our engagement.

  2. Increased brand awareness from higher quality product photos

Campus Protein - Product Photography

Our Results


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Graphic Design

Objective: Create friendly product photos for Campus Protein's social media and online listings to position FUEL as a hot item.


  1. Hand-drawn Illustration

  2. Adobe Photoshop


  1. 23.5% increase in FUEL Pre-Workout sales in the quarter following our engagement.

  2. 30.4 more Instagram likes on average per picture in the month following our engagement

FUEL Pop Art.jpg
Campus Protein - Graphic Design

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Apparel Design

Objective: Increase customer satisfaction by designing trendy apparel that could be included with large orders.


  1. Adobe Photoshop

  2. Adobe Illustrator


  1. One male t-shirt/hoodie design

  2. One female t-shirt/hoodie design

Campus Protein - Apparel Desin

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Creatives Consultation

Objective: Provide creative direction for future Facebook Ads campaigns to sell more package deals on (i.e. BANG BOGO).


  1. Creative advertising

  2. Adobe Photoshop


  1. Four print/feed post concepts for BANG BOGO deal

  2. One print/feed post concept for Met-RX protein pancakes

  3. One Instagram Story concept for Campus Protein's "CP Select" Week

Bang Ad 4.jpg
Campus Protein - Creatives Consultation

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