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Website Development • Shopify Development • Email Marketing• Logo
Ontario, CA

Client Profile

The CovART Challenge is an annual fine art auction for Kenyan education and nutrition in the wake of Covid-19. In it's inaugural year, the CovART Challenge raised $40,390 for Africa.

Client Profile

Overview of Services Provided

The CovART Challenge needed help developing assets for launch. We helped them build a bespoke website for their auction, build an email list, and design a modern logo that aligned with their company's vision.

Covart Website Mockup.png

Advanced Website

Objective: Help the CovART Challenge raise money for Kenyan relief by designing a website that positions them as a professional and established charity auction.


  1. Draw inspiration from other fine art institutions such as Gagosion and Sotheby's

  2. Custom-designed Shopify site

  3. Custom theme development

  4. Mobile friendly design

  5. StoryBrand Consultation and Copywriting

  6. Shopify app set-up


  1. $40,390 raised for Kenyan education and nutrition in the wake of Covid-19

  2. One bespoke 9-page website for the CovART Challenge

  3. MailMunch app installation and set up

  4. Visit >

CovART Challenge - Advanced Website

Shopify Development

Objective: Help the CovART Challenge save over $468 annually on an app like Shogun and give the store a more professional look. Also, direct traffic to the appropriate 3rd party auction pages (for tax reasons, the CovART Challenge could not host the auction natively on its site).


  1. "Magic Button" plug-in installation

  2. URL redirection action button plug-in (replaces "Add To Cart" button with a button that says "Bid Now" and redirects to any URL)

  3. Removed the shopping features from theme to prevent any confusion among site visitors

  4. Other general tweaks to make the theme more aesthetically pleasing and mirror competitors


  1. With our custom plug-in, the CovART Challenge is able to build an unlimited amount of additional, custom pages with no recurring costs.

  2. Easily expandable framework for adding more art pieces to the auction and linking them to 3rd party pages DIY, without needing extra development

  3. A professional charity auction website

CovART Challenge - Custom Shopify Development

Email Marketing

Objective: Design an eye-catching pop-up that encourages visitors to input their email address to receive updates on the charity auction's progress.


  1. Mockup lead-gens in Adobe PhotoShop

  2. Develop approved pop-ups in MailMunch/MailChimp


  1. 3.30% conversion rate on the pop-up on the left (the average according to a study of over one billion pop-ups is 3.09%)

  2. Three lead-generation pop-ups

  3. MailChimp/MailMunch app set up

CovART Challenge - Email Marketing

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The CovART Challenge's Current Logo

An Alternate Logo We Made for The CovART Challenge

Logo Design

Objective: Design a mission-forward logo for the CovART Challenge that gets its message out.


  1. Adobe Illustrator​


  1. Two logo styles (pictured on the left)

  2. Multiple logo iterations (horizontal and icon)

CovART Challenge - Logo Design
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