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Logo • Branding • Website Development
Las Vegas, NV

Client Profile

Enclave and Key is a leading influencer marketing agency in Las Vegas, NV. They have a network of over 2000 influencers and have been described as an up and coming marketing agency by Business Insider and Forbes.

Client Profile

Overview of Services Provided

Enclave and Key needed assistance rebranding from B. Wynn Sports. This included a new logo, brand guidelines, and an advanced website that simplified their call to action and positioned them as the marketing agency your father would trust.

Enclave and Key's Current Logos

An Alternate Logo We Made for Enclave and Key

Logo Design

Objective: Design a logo for Enclave and Key that exudes professionalism and respect.


  1. Take inspiration from centuries-old companies

  2. Adobe Illustrator​


  1. Multiple logo iterations (horizontal, full, icon, alternate, etc.)

Enclave and Key - Logo Design

Branding Design

Objective: Create brand guidelines that align with the objective to be a marketing agency your father would trust.


  1. Choose a color palette that can be professional, yet fun

  2. Find a typeface pairing that matches

  3. Adobe Illustrator


  1. An easy-to-use one-page PDF that Enclave and Key can follow when creating future merchandise, social posts, site updates, etc.

Enclave and Key - Branding Design
Enclave Branding Information.png
After Mockup_edited.png

Website Development

Objective: Design a website that aligns with branding and simplifies the customer journey so that more leads are captured.


  1. Custom-designed Wix website

  2. Wix Bookings integration

  3. Ascend Business Tools integration

  4. Mobile Friendly Design


  1. 173% increase in inbound leads over one year

  2. New website captured 6x the amount of leads on launch day as the old site did in one month

  3. Visit >

Enclave and Key - Advanced Websie
Supercharge your business.png
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