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PowerPoint Design
United States, USA

Client Profile

Mevu is an Ethereum-based online gaming company, offering a more secure and transparent way to engage in sports betting. Mevu has been described by Forbes, Nasdaq, and Entrepreneur Magazine as a startup that can disrupt the entire casino industry.


Overview of Services Provided

Mevu needed help producing a slide deck that would secure the investments needed to continue scaling the company. Bolt worked hand-in-hand with a Mevu executive to produce this presentation. We were fully responsible for the design, and provided consultation on the copywriting and structure.

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PowerPoint Design

Objective: Design a new investor deck for Mevu that makes the brand look professional and established, compared to its larger rivals.


  1. Take inspiration and improve upon rival design

  2. Copywriting and structure consultation

  3. Adobe InDesign


  1. One 14-page investor deck that aligns with the brands overall objective and has a sports-betting theme


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