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SEO Copywriting
New York, NY

Client Profile

Myprotein is a $100MM+ nutritional supplement brand based in New York, NY. They were founded in Cheshire, UK in 2004 and later acquired by British e-commerce company, The Hut Group. They are one of the top global producers of nutritional supplements and gym apparel.

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Client Profile

Overview of Services Provided

Myprotein needed freelance writers to help increase it's rank in search engines and sell more products online.


SEO Copywriting

Objective: Publish actionable, research-based articles for Myprotein's blog, "The Zone."


  1. Research synthesis and summarization

  2. Trello to keep track of projects

  3. SEO copywriting

  4. Keyword and article guidelines


  1. 25 articles published between May 2016 and September 2017.

  2. Organic ranking in Google's Featured Snippets

Myprotein - SEO Copywriting

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