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Content Creation • Social Media Strategy
Roslyn, NY

Client Profile

Nooks Organic is a health-food bar in Roslyn, NY. Founded by Nick Pace in 2014, initially sold acai bowls and smoothies, but has now expanded to include poke and ramen as well. The company has a cult following of health-focused individuals in the Nassau County region.



Competing with other, well-established local juice bars, Nooks Organic wanted to set itself apart online with a kickoff social media marketing campaign that would foster a loyal community.

Define a scalable content marketing strategy

Attract new customers via guerrilla social media marketing

Maintain relationships with new and existing fans



Objective: Come up with a highly-sharable social media marketing strategy for Nooks Organic


  1. Cause activation

  2. Guerrilla marketing


To help Nooks Organic build its social media following, we launched a social activation campaign on Instagram. First, we polled Nooks' followers to see if they would be interested in learning more about important causes to the brand. After they voted, we launched a month-long campaign in which users could raise money by sharing content surrounding Nooks Organic. For every story post (with a location tag) shared on Instagram, we donated $0.50 to the Wildlife Conservation Society. For every feed post (with an @ in the description) we donated $1.00. Users felt like they could make significant action with minimal effort, and resulted in massive follower growth.

500+ Follower Growth in 30 days

2% Engagement Rate (2x avg.)

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