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Atlanta, GA

Client Profile

Scout Social is a media network comprising of social media pages with over 800M followers. Scout has worked with various Fortune 1000 and $1B+ companies.

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Scout Social needed help managing content creation and producing advertisements for distribution throughout their vast network.

Click-driven ad campaigns

Synergetic media communications

Mobile-focused content

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Objective: Produce engaging content and integrated Instagram ads that achieve the desired business goals, without feeling like direct ads.


  1. Meme activations

  2. Focus on videos to algo-hack

  3. A/B testing creatives on various platforms

  4. Organized content calendar


While working with Scout Social, we were able to create advertisements for political figures, large social media platforms, and star music artists.

Over 100,000 followers gained across network

3% engagement rate

Successful ad campaigns reaching 100M+ followers

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