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Concert Photography
New York, NY

Client Profile

The Revivalists are an eight-member American rock band founded in New Orleans in 2007. The Revivalists have 1.3M monthly listeners on Spotify and their platinum single, "Wish I Knew You" reached #1 on the Billboard Adult Alternative chart.

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Client Profile

Overview of Services Provided

In their early days, The Revivalists were looking for a local concert photographer at a fair rate for a 2016 show at the PlayStation Theater in NYC. We provided volunteer work.

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Concert Photography

Objective: Take engaging photos of The Revivalists that captured the energy and emotion of one of their shows.


  1. Pentax K-50

  2. 50mm f/1.8 lens


  1. Nine eye-catching HD photos for social media, print, or web

The Revivalists - Concert Photography

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