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Beauty Products

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Website Development • Shopify Development
California, CA

Client Profile

Velvet Elvis Beauty is an upcoming beauty start up from California specializing in eye-related beauty products.

Client Profile

Overview of Services Provided

Velvet Elvis Beauty needed help capturing email addresses for its upcoming product line launch. We helped them build a landing page quiz within their Shopify store that helped them build their email list.

Velvet Elvis Beauty Macbook.png

Landing Page

Objective: Design a landing page that collects email addresses via a beauty quiz


  1. Visual Quiz Builder App

  2. Custom Liquid Code

  3. Adobe Illustrator


  1. Visually-appealing landing page quiz with branded icons

Velvet Elvis Beauty - Landing Page
Velvet Elvis Beauty - Custom Shopify Development

Shopify Development

Objective: Prevent users from engaging with any other aspect of the page than the quiz since Velvet Elvis Beauty had not yet published any products.


  1. Shopify Liquid Code


  1. Built a "Quiz Only" custom theme that only allows site visitors to engage with the landing page quiz and nothing else.

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