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Cut Your WordPress Hosting Costs Down By As Much As 75%*

Most business owners overpay for website hosting every month without even realizing it

* Yes, really.

Cheapest Hosting Guaranteed

Cut Your Hosting Up To 75%

Save Money or It's Free For 30 Days

What's hosting?

Your web host is essentially your store's physical warehouse in the digital world. Think of it like a locker; it holds everything your business needs and it's exclusively yours. It's where your business lives behind the scenes.

Except most business owners are grossly overpaying for their monthly hosting. Prices of $25 to even $200+ per month are common for hosting and maintenance. Times are as tough as ever before and unnecessary monthly expenses like that can really add up for small business owners.

Luckily for you, we've streamlined the website migration process to help you start saving as much as 50-75% every month in as little as one week from today!


How do we save you money?

Honesty. It's as simple as that.


We don't make a lot of money on our hosting, and we don't want to either. We'd rather provide you with great service at a low cost now and absolutely knock your socks off, so that way, when it comes time for you to launch a Google Ads or SEO campaign later on, you'll trust us to blow you away again with even more awesome results.

Most agencies will tell you that back ups and hosting start at $25. We'll be the first to tell you that that is massively out of proportion. We charge you $1 (on top of $15 wholesale that is).

Back-ups are free.

Thanks to our honesty-based pricing, we've been able to help 95% of our SMB clients' cut their hosting costs in half, while adding even more value at a greatly reduced cost.

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Candy Cotton

Yearly Savings Calculator

Cut Your WordPress Hosting Costs Down By As Much As 75%

Savings Calculator

What Happens To My Website?


Pay Your First Month

Click the link below to be to go directly to our store. There, you can sign up for an account (you will need one for us to help you change your site hosting) and get on your way to saving money! All major credit cards are accepted.

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Our Experts Move Your Site

We'll reach out to you to let you know what we received your payment. You'll then be able to log into our client dashboard to securely submit your domain and website info for us to move over and cut down your hosting bills.

You Save Up To 75% Yearly

We've helped our clients save up to 75% annually through our honest hosting prices. And that's not including the >$1,000 in additional benefits we're able to provide thanks to our enterprise connections!

Paying less than $16? OK.
We'll host your site for free.

Seriously.  Let us know where so we can check them out too!


Submit a picture of a monthly hosting bill lower than $16 and we'll refund your first month after you sign up! That's 30 days free of unlimited cloud storage, automatic free backups, weekly performance reports, Divi Page Builder, and more!

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